Case Management Services


Life Design Services Inc. Targeted Case Management services help with communication, education, service identification, and referrals to individuals living in North and South Carolina.



Specifically, if a client/patient needs help with:

*Seeing a doctor

*Making appointments

*Getting a ride to see a doctor

*Getting disability (SSI, RSDI)

*Doing what the doctor tells him/her to do

*Finding a job

*Getting food

*Getting clothing

*Paying bills

*Applying for food stamps

*Finding a place to live

*Getting help with power bill

*Stopping people from taking advantage of him/her

*Physically caring for oneself

*With certain issues because he/she cannot hear or see

*Quitting a drug habit

*Making decisions

*Help with school work

*Learning to read

*Sadness, loss and grief

*Making healthy food choices